The value a newsletter provides will grow roughly in proportion to the size of its audience. But the value of all the potential connections within that audience grows a lot faster. Diff Jobs is our boutique recruiting service aimed at matching Diff readers to roles at interesting companies.

We work with companies ranging from early-stage startups to mature growth businesses, and work in fields ranging from asset management to e-commerce enablement to healthcare. Roles we’ve worked on skew either financial or technical–but we’re open to connecting people to many offbeat opportunities.

The process for candidates is straightforward: get in touch and if we think there’s a potential match we’ll set up an initial call to talk about your goals, background, and what kinds of roles you’re targeting. If there’s a good immediate fit, we’ll do a longer call to take a deep dive into a few projects you’ve worked on, both to get a sense of what you’ve done and how you work. And then we introduce you to the company and keep in touch with both sides during the interview process.

We’re happy to be in touch even if you’re not actively looking at the moment, especially if you’re on the lookout for a highly specific opportunity.

We’re open to working with a range of companies, typically startups (from the earliest stage to pre-IPO), and financial companies including the buy- and sell-side. We like to get a deep understanding of what you’re building, what kind of team you’re aiming for, and how you think about growth. (We’ve found that the best candidates often ask the most challenging questions on these topics!)