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Max Conradt has thoughts on how talent has become a more tradable resource, and what this means in the long term about how companies will determine their location footprint:

I imagine the optimal solution is something like having a company’s top 2-3 layers of management in the same headquarters and individual contributors in an area within 2 hours of certain clusters. For example, some of the most talented software engineers in the world live in Western European countries and would never move to San Francisco, so if you need to hire from the top 1% or in a specialized area like database engineering, you need to employ people in the Paris/Amsterdam/Berlin time zone, and they would rarely have synchronous interactions with your people in the Bay Area.

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Think of the last time you had to import a spreadsheet, did it work on the first try? Of course not.

There’s a set of white collar tasks which are highly repetitive, time consuming, and still difficult to automate because there isn’t a standard format. Onboarding data via a CSV is one such task. Each customer has their own, slightly different processes for managing information about their business. So each time you onboard a new customer, you’ve got to adapt the data they bring in files to your system.

Flatfile is the product that takes this complexity away. They have an embeddable drag and drop CSV importer, so you can jump seamlessly from closing a deal to a clean dataset.