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Longreads * Tyler Cowen interviews Paul Graham. Partly delightful because the interviewer and interviewee have such different styles. Take this exchange, and guess which participant is well-known for spending far more time editing than writing, and which is known for publishing a new post every day since 2003: "Were the



Open Thread

Reader Feedback

From last week's Open Thread, Philo on why sunbelt real estate developers were so very rich by the 1980s:

Certainly the stork was beneficial to commercial developers at the time, but probably equally important factors at the time were the the rise of the auto/suburbanization (Manhattan's residential population has fallen by a third over the last century, while the US population has more than tripled), air conditioning (which made the Sunbelt more habitable), the rapid growth of white collar employment (which created the demand for new office buildings specifically), and the rapid rise in productivity (which allowed people to consume much more real estate per capita).

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