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Reader Feedback

Last week's Longreads asked which markets should exist, but don't. Max Conradt made many good suggestions in the comments, like weather derivatives and cloud computing futures. There are some weather-linked products out there, like catastrophe bonds, but weather is a case where it's hard to have a complete market; not everyone wants to bet on rainfall in Dallas tomorrow or whatever, and for the high-impact weather events, there often is a way to bet on them through agriculture futures and natural gas. But it would be nice to have more markets here, if only so we can use natural gas futures as a cleaner proxy for long-term supply and demand trends rather than as a way to bet on how cold winter will be this year. Cloud computing futures are another fun one, though perhaps the limiting factor there is that the hyperscalers see better ways to price-discriminate: if someone is locking in a lot of compute over a long period, it might be more value-accretive to talk to them about what they're doing and why in order to figure out exactly how much they'll be willing to pay.