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Reader Feedback

Lots of emails, pro and con, on the tech/finance skills conversion piece, but I also appreciated this comment on last week's post on why companies want to own their corporate headquarters:

Owning [their] own headquarters avoids becoming subject to a future monopoly (the building owner, especially if they think that relocating would be very costly for the tenant) for lease renewals & even for negotiating permissions to change the space in unforeseen ways.
A town-sized headquarters can make sense for a lot of the reasons cities exist at all: My 300th-closest coworker isn't directly important to me, but is likely in the top 20 for someone who's in my top 20.

This is a fun point, particularly the second part. (On the first, it's monopoly in both directions: a big lease is hard to replace, but so is a big tenant!) But it would be interesting and fruitful to compare the agglomeration economics of big cities and big companies. Are they scaling in the same way and for the same reason? Or is there a different way they each reach their ideal scale?

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