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Our mini newsletter outlining one concept a week from finance, corporate strategy, and economics, continues apace, with a new issue on what money manager fees pay for. And we've rebranded! Finance FAQ is now Capital Gains. You can sign up for Capital Gains here.


Reader Feedback

In response to last Monday's link to a story on LLM-based lobbying, reader John Nay shares code for a proof-of-concept of the same, and a paper discussing the implications.

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Here's a dirty secret: part of equity research consists of being one of the world's best-paid data-entry professionals. It's a pain—and a rite of passage—to build a financial model by painstakingly transcribing information from 10-Qs, 10-Ks, presentations, and transcripts. Or, at least, it was: Daloopa uses machine learning and human validation to automatically parse financial statements and other disclosures, creating a continuously-updated, detailed, and accurate model.

If you've ever fired up Excel at 8pm and realized you'll be doing ctrl-c alt-tab alt-e-es-v until well past midnight, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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