Weekend Longreads + Open Thread

Scenius, Cloud Gaming, Amazon's S-1, Cowen/Romer, Institutional Failure, and more...

I’m trying something new this week: I usually publish five posts per week, four for subscribers and a free post on Friday. But I’ve noticed that weekend reading activity is high, and weekend signups are even higher. I have a theory: there’s a set of people who are newsletter junkies, and since most newsletters publish on weekdays, they start jonesing hard by noon on Saturday.

Well, junkies, here’s your fix: the best long-form pieces I’ve read all week.

Open Thread

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments. Some questions to get you started:

  1. What longform piece did you read this week that would be of interest to other Diff readers?
  2. What’s the most under-covered story of the week?
  3. What’s the most misunderstood story of the week?
  4. Five years from now, will FAAMNG have fewer employees living within a one-hour drive of corporate HQ, or more? (My money’s on more.)

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