Plus! What is PE Buying?; End-to-End; Slower; Wheat; Snap
Plus! Media Convergence; What's Still Fundable; The Piracy Continuum; Crypto Relearns Regulation; Shrinking Alpha
Regulatory Arbitrage, Mean Reversion, Replication, Bees, Specialization, Snap
Plus! Metaverse; No New Normal for Supply Chains; The Top-Heavy Market; "Uninvestable"
Plus! Who's Hit by Inflation?; Slow Return to the Office; Stock-Based Comp; Cat-and-Mouse; Scale
Plus! Ads Everywhere; JetBlue Goes Hostile; Institutional Constraints; Family Offices; The Long March Continues
Plus! Diff Jobs, Netflix's Explore/Exploit Strategy; EVs and Platforms; Third-Party Sellers; An Entrepreneurial Country
Housing, Chips, Books, Yandex, Hedge Funds, Bonds
Plus! Unstablecoins; Oil and Gas; Transitory at Last (At Least a Bit); Glorious Food; Meanwhile, in China
Plus! Indexing; High-Yield Spreads; Search, Pt. 1; Search, Pt. 2; Distribution
Plus! Retail Media; Low-Multiple Consolidation; Housing is Slowing; Moving up the Value Chain; Negotiating Sanctions
Plus! TikTok; Factors; Replacing Passwords, and a Big Tech Truce; Solve for the Disequilibrium