Construction, EDM, Talent, Aerospace, Applied Divinity Studies, Black Wednesday
Tim Horton's, Gamers, Little Frog, Land, Privacy, Billionaires
SF Crime, Tolstoy, Defense Tech, Social Media, Diversification, Diller
Precariat, Metaverse, Olympics, Patronage, Warp Speed, Strauss, Oil, Bonds
Plus! Boy Band National Champions;Protein Folding; Golden Handcuffs; Amazon vs Wish Rolls On
Plus! The Tip, Pork Panic, Facebook Politics, SPAC Competition, Subscriptions and Incentives
Plus! Halfway; Activism, Shareholder and Otherwise; Employee Benefits and Marginal Costs; Fixing the Saudi Economic Barbell; Amazon, Niche Player
Plus! Measuring the World’s Largest Economy; Showrooming and Retail; Google Continues to Disaggregate Pages; Canada Policy Goes Post-Covid; The Bus…
Plus! Pretty Bad Privacy; Exercising the Whistleblower Option; Who Owns Streamed Games; Rebooting Transit; Rationalists and Thymos; More...
Plus! Tech and Journalism; Competition; Equity for Gig Workers; Content Studios and Talent Agencies; Death of a Carry Trade
Plus: social status hyperinflation, nominal status stickiness, climate change and the quants.
There’s this meme that you shouldn’t work more than forty hours per week. Don’t believe it. It’s just laziness apologetics. If you’re reading it on…