Ride Hailing, Portnoy, Bridging Finance, Insecure Chips, Bad Trades, Failing GPA
Plus! The Great Unclogging; The First-Party Data Gold Rush; Open Data; Bitcoin Loans; The Arms Race; Diff Jobs
Plus! Inventory; Ecosystem Acquisitions; Cannabis Capital; Bad Hedging; Finance and Distribution
Plus! Twitter; BRICs in Retrospect; Global Defense; E-Commerce Platforms; Logistics and Pulling Forward Demand; GE and Core Competencies
Plus! Omicron; China and Messaging Politics; Black Friday; Taxing E-Cigarettes; Some People are Still Drilling; Other iBuyers
Japan, Altman, COBOL, China, Factors, Geoengineering, LTV, Mistakes
Plus! A Different EV Network Effect; Supply Chain KPIs; The Underwriter's Loop and Cyber Risk Insurance; Pro-Regulation Tech; Local Chips, Global Compa…
Plus! Amex and Tax Arbitrage; Buying the Constitution; Freight Conversion; Livestreaming; Texas and Bitcoin
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