Plus! The Carbon Rally; The Bridge; Housing and Rates; Full Stack Media; Buying Out Contracts; Diff Jobs
Plus! Earnings, Seeing For the State, Gerontocracy, Kids' YouTube M&A, and much, much more...
Plus! Security; Different Abstractions; Facebook Futurism; SPAC Apathy
Plus! Hulu's Regulatory Arbitrage; Post-Archegos; Patents; Emissions: a Global Problem
Plus! Wirecard, Yuan, Housing, Financial Education for Future 1%ers, Alphabet Insurance
Clearing, Careers, Charity, Tracing Crypto, Stripe, Spin
Plus! Measuring Eyeballs; Property Rights; Reputational Bug Bounties; Running Out the Clock on Tariffs
Plus! Valuation Arbitrage; Labor Liquidity; Pricing Power; Diff Jobs
Plus! V-Shaped Recovery, Tech Sees Like a State in Indonesia, Clever Currency Games, more...
Plus! Facebook's Outsourcing Moderation; Amazon's Outsourced SEO; Scarce and Free Resources; Moderating Social (Pt. 3); Business Travel and Veblen…
Plus! Reactive Strategy; Working it Out; Standardizing the Metaverse; Probability; When Payments Work; Introducing Diff Jobs
Plus! Fed Maximalism, CFOs, TikTok, IPOs vs Direct Listings, Death and Base Rates, Rapid testing, Wuhan, Politics in a One-Party State